Paper Problem

“It’s just a stupid little dumbshit piece of paper, Mandy, I don’t know why I’m acting like this.” Beck choked out, sliding her back down the lockers into a wobbly crouch. Mandy clucked sympathetically and sat down beside her.

“I mean, I’ve had it for days, I need to just DO something about it, you know?” Beck looked at Mandy pleadingly. “Should I- should I call him?”

“Well, think about it.” Mandy said slowly. “Do you like him?”

“Yeah, I think so, I mean… Oh, I don’t know anything right now.”

“Beck, calm down, it’s not like there’s a time limit on calling him, you’ve got time to decide.” Mandy put her arm around Beck and sighed. The two girls gazed into the distance, seeing something other than the bare beige wall in front of them.

“God, Mandy, why couldn’t I have just given him MY number, let HIM worry about calling!” huffed Beck.

“Sweetie, then you’d just be waiting by the phone.” Mandy chuckled.

“Fuck. That’s true.”

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