Milkshake Situation

Mandy stood up and stretched. “Just forget about it for a while, Becks. It’s not like you have to see him everyday or something.”

Beck frowned. “I’m not even sure what school he goes to.”

“Of course, you could always call one of our lovely mates at this school, eh Beck?” Mandy laughed, indicating the closed doors lining the empty corridor. “I’m sure there’s a real prize lurking behind one of those doors.”

“Yeah, right.” Beck rolled her eyes. “Speaking of doors, whaddaya say we go back to gym?”

“Gym?” Mandy screwed up her face, her tiny nose wrinkling. “No, I think a problem of this size calls for cutting out early and getting a milkshake.”

Beck grinned. “I’m with you there, ’Dy."

The two friends strolled down the hallway to the main door at the end, passing the deserted administration office.

“Hey!” bellowed Beck. “We’re skipping class, guys!”

Mandy laughed and stepped out the door into the warm sunshine. “As if they CARE.”

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