Randomnitynessy-like thingymajiggy


Mike and Dan surfed down the lavafall on their iceboards. This would make them chocolate flavoured. They pulled off at the bowlfarm where they would prospect for some porcelain. They crushed their choc-ice-boards into their new-found bowls and teleported off to the house of buttons.

After applying chocolate buttons and repairing Dan’s trousers, they took a pterodacytl ride to the gum-drop forest. It’s just a name, they actually came here for bananas. Well, with bowl of choc-ice-cream, banana and buttons in tow, they went to the chocolaterise. This is where the chocolate river on the other side of the world reaches the end and falls upwards. We catch some and pour it on our thingies.

Osama BinLaden and Barrack Obama were there.

The Cookie Monster wanted some.

They didn’t get any. Now tell me, have YOU ever wondered how banana splits are made?

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