Surprise Visitor

Twenty minutes later, the two were comfortably installed in a booth at their favorite hot dog joint, sipping strawberry milkshakes and discussing the situation.

“I mean, I thought we really had something going at your party…it was so fun, and we talked for hours!” sighed Beck.

“I know,” replied Mandy, rolling her eyes, “You didn’t even come off of that couch to sing me happy birthday.”

“Oh, Mandy, I’m sorry-” Beck said, flustered.

Mandy laughed. “It’s fine, Becky, really. I was surprised, it was weird to see my cousin actually flirting with a real live girl.”

“Yeah, well.” Beck blushed. “Are you sure you’re ok with me, like, going after your cousin?”

“Oh, please. I only just met the guy myself, he’s lived in Seattle most of his life, I don’t know him very well. It’s fine, Beck.” smiled Mandy.

“Thanks!” Beck laughed.

Mandy laughed and took a sip of her milkshake, then promptly sprayed it over the table as a tall, scruffy boy slid violently into the booth next to her.

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