Baby back ribs baby back

Ever get a tune in your head and can’t get rid of it? I was leaving work and driving home through the fog when I got the insipid Chili’s baby back ribs song in my head. “I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back ribs….” Probably, I was hungry. Just then the fog separated and a Chili’s appeared. I didn’t remember seeing a Chili’s on this route before. But, just my luck!

I pulled into the empty parking lot. It wasn’t terribly late but maybe everyone was staying home because of the thick fog. As I yanked on the exterior door, I felt the vacuum pull me inside. I noticed the luminescent, red glow of the neon.

“I’ll have the baby back.”
“The baby back?” said the disheveled attendant. “Full or half?”
“Full, please.”
“Anything to drink?”
“No, thanks.”

He scurried off into the kitchen. I stood and noticed the odd quiet.

Next thing I know, I wake up in my car in the back seat and there’s a something wiggling on my back.

I reach around and find I have a baby on my back.

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