Kindness of Strangers

The reboot finished, she rolled her head around, as a human would do to stretch the neck muscles. She seemed satisfied with the movement, looked up at me and said, “Thanks. I guess I should go in for a tune up more often, huh?”

I frowned. “Trying to get free service?”

“Of course not,” she replied. “I can pay you right away. What’s your shop’s ID?”

I rattled off the series of numbers, and within a few seconds, I received an internal message stating that I had a new deposit in my shop’s account. Checking on the amount, I raised my eyebrows deliberately. “You didn’t have to pay me that much.”

She shrugged, as if paying three times the normal rate was nothing to her. “I’m sure you get night calls, but I doubt you enjoy it. I know how dangerous it can be out at night.”

“I imagine you do,” I replied dryly.

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