It's Not That Simple

Mandy smacked Theo on the back of the head. “God, Theo, do you want to know or not?”

Theo tentatively took his fingers out of his ears. “Is it going to be all mushy and wishy-washy?”

“No, Theo.” sighed Beck. “It’s just that I met this guy, and I like him, and he gave me his number, and now I don’ t know what to do.”

Theo blinked at her. “Call him, idiot.”

“It’s not that simple!” Beck replied. “What if he doesn’t want me to?”

“Then why the hell would he give you his number?” Theo threw up his hands. “Girls are crazy. You two are too young for love.”

“We’re two years younger than you, Theo, and it’s not like you’ve ever had a girlfriend.” Mandy said, smirking.

Theo theatrically turned away, his hand to his forehead. “M’lady, pray do not bring up mine own shortcomings, when it is thy own friend who doth not possess the courage-”

“Shut up, Theo.” chorused the girls, laughing.

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