“Oy, Cy!” yelled Theo again.

“Shhh!” Beck frantically shushed him from the booth behind. But it was too late- Cy turned from the counter holding his milkshake and spotted Theo and Mandy. Beck ducked out of sight again just in time.

“Oh, hey Mandy!” Cy called cheerfully from across the restaurant. He paid for his shake and trotted over to the table. He was fair haired with brown eyes, as Theo had said, and wore a faded blue t-shirt and cargo shorts. His hair swung in front of his eyes in a way that was very similar to Mandy’s, and though Mandy was a redhead, you could tell they were related.

“Can I sit?” Cy said tentatively, as Theo was still holding onto Mandy and Mandy looked absolutely stricken.

“Oh, yeah, totally, sit down.” Mandy snapped back into reality and shoved Theo off of her. “Cy, this is Theo, my neighbor. Theo, this is Cy, he’s my cousin.”

“Just moved here from Seattle, I know, I know.” Theo grinned and stuck out his hand for a shake. Cy shook it and slid into Beck’s vacated seat.

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