School Drama

As he sat down, Cy looked in confusion at the half-drunk milkshake sitting in front of him. “Whose is this?”

“Oh, it’s Be-” Mandy squeaked and shut up. Behind them in the next booth, Beck groaned quietly.

“It’s Mandy’s,” filled in Theo quickly, grabbing it and putting it in front of her. “Anyway, Cy, so…what school do you go to, man?”

“Yeah,” said Mandy, recovering, “I’ve been meaning to ask you that, have you enrolled yet? Mom said Aunt Lisa was going to put you in Westbrook?”

“Well, she was going to, but I decided I’d rather go to your school instead.” said Cy. “I want to know some people, right?”

“R-right.” stuttered Mandy. She knew that Beck would be freaking out about this news. She WOULD have to see Cy every day, after all!

“So I’ll know you, and Beck, too. And Theo? Do you go there?”

“I’m in college, bro.” said Theo proudly. “Can’t you tell by my amazing facial hair?” He stroked his beginnings-of-a-beard thoughfully.

Cy chuckled. “Yeah, I thought you were a little old for high school.”

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