Surprise Question

As Cy and Theo talked about school and college, Mandy zoned out. She thought about the fact that Cy was going to her school- it wasn’t as if she really minded, after all, she did like Cy. But she knew that Beck was going to freak out the moment she saw Cy wandering the halls of Eastbrook High. Mandy loved Beck like a sister, and thought she was wonderful, but she knew that Beck was the absolute worst at talking to guys, or even acting normal around them, as evidenced by how she had hid rather than face her crush.

On the other hand, Cy obviously liked her- Mandy had seen that look on his face as he talked with Beck at the party. He had gotten Beck, BECK, to talk normally and even laugh. It was amazing. And he had given her his number! Mandy knew that that had to mean something.

She watched as Cy and Theo laughed together. It was funny, seeing them together- they were so different. Blond and pale Cy across from Theo with his curly dark hair and green eyes.

“So,” said Cy suddenly, “Are you two going out?”

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