“What?” sputtered Mandy. Theo choked on a mouthful of Beck’s milkshake.

“Oh, I guess not, sorry!” Cy laughed. “I just thought I’d walked in on a date or something.”

“Why? What?” Theo said. Mandy noticed that his face was bright red.

“Well, I mean, you two were drinking milkshakes on the same side side of the booth.” explained Cy.

“Oh, yeah, haha.” Mandy said. “I was just here, uh, drinking a milkshake, and Theo showed up so he sat down for a minute-”

“Ok, ok,” said Cy. “It’s whatever.”

“As if Theo and I would be dating!” said Mandy. But she wondered- why did she feel so embarrassed? It was just a misunderstanding. But her face was as red as Theo’s.

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