“Oh, shush, Theo.” snapped Mandy. “This is actually a crisis.”

“Number one,” said Theo, standing up and stretching, “It is not. Number two, just for that, I’m not giving you two a ride home.”

“Yeah, you are,” said Mandy, standing up as well. “You drank both of our milkshakes, idiot. You owe us.”

“Fine,” sighed Theo. “But I’m practicing all afternoon today, so suck it.” He strode out of the restaurant, hands in his pockets.

“Come ON, Theo!” screeched Mandy, running after him. “I have to study tonight!”

Beck sighed and followed them out to the parking lot. Theo’s car, a junked-up old Cadillac from about the fifties, stood smoking in the hot sun.

“Theo! Why is your car smoking?” Beck said, shocked.

“It always does that, piece of crap.” replied Mandy, climbing into the front seat.

“Hey,” scolded Theo, “IT’s name is Darla, and she can hear you.”

“What-” started Beck.

“Don’t even ask.” Mandy sighed. Beck laughed and climbed in the back.

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