Mrs. Green

The three pulled up, Darla still smoking, to Theo’s house. Beck and Mandy tumbled out and ran over to Mandy’s house next door. Theo stood for a moment watching them, before getting back in his car and setting off. He was late for English Lit.

Mandy slammed the door behind her. “Mom! We’re home!”

Mrs. Green stepped out of the kitchen, wearing a sharp pantsuit and holding a briefcase. “Oh, hi honey, and Beck, so nice to see you! You’re late, though, did you miss the bus?”

“Uh, yeah, but Theo drove us home.” Mandy said quickly.

“Well, that was very kind of him! He’s such a good neighbor. But, where is your backpack, Mandy?”

“Uh, we didn’t have any homework tonight, Mrs. Green.” said Beck.

“Oh..I see.” Mrs. Green raised her eyebrow. “Mandy, I’ll talk to you later, I’m late for a deposition.”

“Ok, have fun Mom, bye!” Mandy grabbed Beck’s hand and hauled her upstairs.

Mrs. Green sighed and left.

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