She Wants to Talk ABOUT Him, Not TO Him.

“Yeah,” said Beck dreamily, “I remember. He’s looking forward to seeing me, Mandy!”

“I know,” said Mandy, “So just hang tight until tomorrow, call him, have a conversation, and then talk to him on Monday!”

“Do I have to talk to him?” pleaded Beck. “Can’t I just…I don’t know, stare at him or something?”

“Beck!” gasped Mandy.

“I’m kidding, Mandy, kidding. It’s just- I mean, I hate talking to guys.”

“But you talked to him fine at the party, right?” Mandy cocked her head questioningly. “So what’s the big deal?”

“Well, he did most of the talking…what if he doesn’t the next time I try to talk to him?”

“Beck, he gave you his number, he wants to talk, trust me.”

Beck groaned. “Fine….I’ll call him. But can we talk about something else now?”

“What, you DON’T want to talk about Cy? I figured you’d be gushing all night!” Mandy grinned and nudged Beck.

“Ok fine maybe I do want to talk about him,” said Beck in a rush of words. “Now you have to tell me everything you know about him, ok?”

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