The Right to Rock

“Gosh, Beck, that’ll take all night…” drawled Mandy.

The two girls looked at each other. “Sleepover!”

Beck called her mom and got permission, and the two stayed up all night talking. Mandy told Beck every detail she had ever heard about her cousin, and Beck took it all in dreamily. When Saturday morning rolled around, Beck and Mandy were finally asleep, and stayed that way until about noon, when a sound like a particularly belligerent avalanche thundered through the window.

Mandy sat up groggily, her hands over her ears.

“God, what IS that?” yelled Beck from under the blankets where she had hidden.

“Theo…” growled Mandy. She stalked over to the window and screamed out of it. “Theo! Goddamnit stop it with those stupid drums!”

“What, is m’lady not out and about yet?” called Theo from his living room, ceasing the banter.

“NO!” bellowed Mandy. “SHUT UP!”

“Ah, but haven’t you ever heard of free speech?” replied Theo.

“Tell him free speech doesn’t apply to bad drum playing,” grumbled Beck.

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