Theo is Stupid

Mandy relayed Beck’s message, and she and Theo yelled back and forth for a while before Mandy finally just slammed the window shut and stalked into the bathroom to get dressed.

“God!” she yelled from inside. “Theo is so annoying!”

“Yeah,” said Beck, getting slowly out of bed. “I know. Hey, can I borrow some clothes?”

“Oh, yeah, sure. But I mean, why? He’s so stupid and he always hangs around me-”

“Then tell him to buzz off, it’s not that complicated.” Beck pulled on a pair of Mandy’s jeans. “Jesus, you’re skinny, what size are these?”

Mandy emerged from the bathroom. “Well see I don’t really want him to buzz off…”

Beck looked at her, astonished. “Mandy, you’re talking crazy. I think you need some food. Let’s go to Vince’s for some gyros, ok?”

“Alright.” The two girls ran down the stairs and had almost made it to the door before Mrs. Green caught them.

“Hold it right there, girls. Beck, I think you should leave now. I need to talk to Mandy…”

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