Attack of the Mother

Beck hurried out, stopping to mouth “call me later” to Mandy over Mrs. Green’s shoulder. Forgetting to close the door, she ran over to Theo’s to ask for a ride.

“Mandy,” started Mrs. Green, crossing her arms in a lawyerly fashion. “You told me yesterday that you had no homework, is this correct?”

“Um.” said Mandy. She hated it when her mother treated her like a witness. “Yes.”

“And you also stated that you and Beck missed the bus, and so you got a ride home with Theo?”

“Yeah, so?” Mandy shifted uncomfortably.

“So, I don’t believe you.” hissed Mrs. Green.

“What? Mom, I swear-”

“Amanda Green! You will not interrupt me! Theo’s car was not even in his driveway when you and Beck arrived home, and I called your classmate Sarah’s mother and she told me that Sarah had tons of homework this weekend! What is the meaning of this?”

“Mom, I’m telling the truth-”

“DO NOT LIE TO ME, Amanda!” Mrs. Green was furious.

Mandy felt like crying.

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