Theo Saves the Day

So maybe she had skipped gym- but her mother wasn’t even accusing her of that, she was accusing her of stuff she definitely hadn’t done! Mandy knew that she had finished her homework in school- not like that slacker Sarah- and of course Theo had given her a ride home! How could Mandy’s mom not have seen his car?

Suddenly, Theo appeared in the doorway behind Mrs. Green, who was still yelling. Mandy gaped.

“Mrs. Green? Ma’am?”

Mrs. Green turned around, furious. She pulled her face into a mask of politeness upon spotting Theo. “Mr. MacDonnell, hello.”

“I’m sorry but I happened to overhear you while preparing to drive Beck home…uh, well, the thing is, I did drive your daughter home yesterday. I left right away, though, for my English Lit class up at the college…”

“Oh.” Mrs. Green wilted in the face of a stronger witness. “I see. Well, thank you Theo.”

“You’re welcome!” Theo grinned and bounced out of the door again. He glanced back at Mandy for a moment and then hurried away to Beck waiting in the car.

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