Theo's Question

Beck sat in Darla’s driver’s seat, her feet on the passenger seat, reading a novel she had found on Darla’s floor. She looked up as Theo approached.

“Did you save her?” she questioned, putting down the novel and swinging her legs back into position.

“Yes,” said Theo, “Now get out of my seat.”

“I’m driving, Theo.” Beck looked him in the eye and gunned the engine.

Theo started to protest, then stopped thoughtfully. “You can drive-”

“Yes!” said Beck, pumping her fist.

“If,” continued Theo sternly, “You tell me what’s going on with Mandy and her mother.”

Beck looked at him strangely. “What do you want to know that for? It’s not a nice story…”

“I just want to know, okay?” huffed Theo. He slumped around to Darla’s passenger side and slid in. Beck started the car and pulled slowly out of Theo’s driveway.

“Well,” she started slowly, “Mandy and her mother have a- different relationship. Mandy was really close with her dad, and- and he left, about two years ago, on Mandy’s fourteenth birthday , actually.”

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