“Hey, Gabe. Sorry it took so long. You forgot to give me the address,” Shay says. I try to flash her the look indicating that this is a really bad time, but she seems to be distracted by Jane who is standing next to her.

“Hey, Gabe and Austin,” Jane says cheerfully. Too bad I can tell she’s a bit nervous, I mean they did make out not too long ago. Austin gets up from the curb and wipes the dirt off his butt. Shay looks happy that Jane is with her, but I know that they aren’t together. Just yet anyway. Unfortunately, I can’t help but take advantage of the opportunity of having them both here.

“So, um, have you and Jane met?” I ask, clearly knowing the answer. They glance at each other.

“Yeah,” Austin says.

“We’ve met before,” Jane finishes.

“Great, we’ll leave you two alone then. Shay, let’s go,” Shay, involuntarily, heads back to her car. I don’t want to leave Austin alone with Jane, as much as Shay does, but it’s part of a little plan.

“Go around the corner,” I whisper to Shay, “Let’s watch.”

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