Theo's Plan

Theo drove Darla more roughtly than normal as he careened back towards his house. His mind was reeling. Would Beck really tell Mandy that he liked her? That was ridiculous, of course, he didn’t like her…maybe she was better than the average dorky neighbor, but still, he didn’t like her…did he?

Theo groaned and turned a corner sharply. He trusted Beck not to say anything, at least not while he had this Cy thing up on her. What was it with girls? Just call him already was Theo’s advice. Theo was glad not to be in high school anymore- not that he was exactly doing any better in the girl department now that he was in college, but hey, there was time, right?

Darla delivered herself to Theo’s driveway and he tumbled out and sprinted to the door, determined not to look up at Mandy’s window. As soon as he got inside he dashed to the living room and sat down at his drumset. Annoying Mandy would really make him feel better…

Next door, Mandy heard the drums and just smiled.

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