The Cavemen

After 47 long years aboard the ark, humanities first interstellar cruiser, we had finally reached the alien star system we set out for so long ago. We settled into orbit around a rather dull planet we dubbed ‘Goldilocks’ because like Earth, it was neither too hot or too cold. Perfect for colonization. The first landing party was sent to investigate the numerous caves on the surface. It has been three days since last contact.

The ammonia burned in his eyes and nose. The cave was almost perfectly dark and the black walls were glistening. His hands were bound behind his back by a seemingly invisible force. He was the last of his crew.

Three tall hooded figures strode in and against his will, he was forced to his feet. The creatures removed their hoods, exposing their purple skin, large black eyes and writhing tentacles which hid a toothed maw.

“I will not bow.”

He crashed to his knees as they gave out listlessly beneath him. One of the things stepped ahead and with a flick of its will, he saw no more.

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