What you don't know...

Trust me, Kid. You have no idea who I am.

“I don’t care! You just saved me from those creeps! I want to come with you!”

Just because you have the want, does not mean you have the right.

“Please, you gotta bring me with you! My life is unreasonably mundane!”

He contemplated it. Are you sure? This is a choice made by you, and there is no way of going back.

“This is my choice.” Billy was adamant.

The man snickered. Ok, then, welcome to the order. With that he pounced. His canines elongating and draining Billy of blood. He then proceeded to cut his finger, allowing a drop of his own blood to fall upon Billy’s trembling lips.

300 years later. The werewolves were attacking this little kid. Billy pounced upon them. Fighting tooth and nail never felt as thrilling as when you’re protecting someone. When the dogs were dead, he prepared to leave, but then he heard the voice.

“Mister? Mister, take me with you.”



Trust me, Kid. You have no idea who I am.

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