Splinter, 1: Adrift

“What the…? Vic, come here. Take a look, what the hell’s this?”

Victor took three graceful leaps and ended up right behind Jake’s console. Quite a feat considering the ship’s close quarters. He pointed to an blip that must have just entered the screen. “You mean, this?”

“Yeah, it’s not cataloged, but it’s large, must be 2 meters. Not in the debris or satellite DB. It isn’t a missile. It’s got too irregular a shape to be an asteroid. And, the damn thing’s moving near relative to us. Like a piece of us broke off but we didn’t notice – but that would be….” Jake’s brow furrowed. He was not one who enjoyed surprises.

And he didn’t have to complete his sentence because Victor knew. The impossible was unfolding before them and years of training just got blown out the airlock. They had no contingency plan – Why plan for the impossible?

“Can we get a visual?”

“Yeah, hold on. Ok, take a look.”

They pressed against the screen.

“Damn,” said Victor. It was small and out of focus.

But it was clearly a body.

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