Nerves Out the Wazoo

Despite Melinda’s attempts to talk about Cy constantly, Beck managed to have a relatively nerves-free bus ride. But all of that ended the minute she stepped into the front hallway of Eastbrook High School.

“Oh god, Mandy, I can’t do this.” whispered Beck frantically.

“Can’t do what? What’s going on?” said Melinda loudly.

“Melinda, aren’t you supposed to be in APUSH right now?” hinted Mandy strongly.

“Oh, yeah, so I’ll talk to you guys later! Byeeee!” Melinda rushed off down the hallway, saying hello to everyone she passed.

Mandy put her arm around Beck and pulled her towards their lockers on the second floor. “Becky, you CAN do this, it’s not hard. Just pretend it’s me, or Melinda, or Theo that you’re talking to.”

“Ok…” Beck said uncertainly, spinning her combination lock with trembling fingers.

“It’ll be fine, and hey, we don’t even know when we’ll see him, so just hang tight.” Mandy gave her friend one last hug and then set off down the hall for AP English Language, her first class.

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