The Wisps Part 8

I walked up to his house on Maple Street, Kansas City, Kansas.
On this day, November 11th, 2013, the man with many hearts will perish.
I had never seen him in person. I didn’t even know what he looked like.
I opened the door. I saw the body.
I ignored it.
He looked up, and saw me.
He was the exact same person.
Everything about him made me feel like I was looking into a mirror.
His face, his features, his body.
I squeezed by eyes shut. There was a hole next to him.
But then I realized something. There was only one wisp in sight.
One large, black wisp.
We were one, and now that we were in the same spot, we were complete.
He looked at me, and then the dead person.
Back at me, and then at the knife in my hand.
He leaped at me, and I closed my eyes.

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