The Warrior and the Sorcerer

“I will not bow,” said the warrior defiantly, “to you or any Pretender to the Throne of Goth who dares to usurp the rightful king.”

“Understandable,” replied the sorcerer. “Loyalty to one’s sovereign should be unconditional, irrational even, but certainly unshakable.”

The warrior, unprepared for acquiescence, did not allow any emotion to show. He simply stared at the sorcerer, awaiting his death sentence.

“Are you a man of honor, warrior?” the sorcerer inquired.

“Remove these chains and I will crush your throat barehanded in the name of honor.” The warrior replied bitterly.

“Give your word of honor that you will not harm me,” said the sorcerer, “and I will release you to become Captain of my bodyguards.”

“Why should I?”

“Because your King is dead; I am now King and to serve The King is your life.”

For the longest time, the warrior was silent, then, he said, “You have my word. You are safe from my hand.”

The sorcerer bid his chains removed.

“Know this, though,” the warrior said. “I will never bow."

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