Under the Bed

When I was six, I always thought there was a monstwer under the bed. Then my parent’s convinced me there wasn’t and I beleived them. They showed me the underside of the bed during the day time and at night by turning on the lights.

Now here I am several years later telling my child there is no monster under the bed. I did the same thing my parent’s did to convince me, but my little girl was not convinced. She insisted I slept in the bed with her.

And so I did.

In the middle of the night I began to hear noises; but they were not monster noises. It was the sound of a dog barking. I looked under the bed and my jaw almost drops to the floor.

There’s a hole under the bed.

Not a small hole. A large hole. A hole large enough for me to go through. And there’s light coming from it!

“What in the world.” I mutter

My darling little girl begins to stir.

“Daddy do you here it?” she whispers

“Go back to sleep honey. Daddy’s going to make the noises stop.” I say “I’ll be back before morning.”

I go into the hole.

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