Flipped like Australia

Falling doesn’t even begin to describe what happened to me. When I climbed into the hole the center of gravity changed. Literally flipping me upside down. I immediately began to fall “up”. That feeling in itself almost killed me.

Falling feet first I landed in a big green pool of water. My screams erupted through the jungle.

“Jungle!” I screamed “How in hell am I in a Jungle!!!”

I look up to see a hole in the sky with a face in it.

“Well you got the noise to stop Daddy!” she shouts down to me barely stifling a giggle

“Great, instead of curing her fear of the underside of bed’s, I just restored mine!” I thought

“I’m coming down Daddy!” she said

My horror reached an all-time high as I saw her little dangling from the hole.

“Elizabeth!” I shout “Don’t you dare!”

Elizabeth replies by falling into the pool with a splash.

“God, that girl needs a beating!” I think to myself

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