Juan de Silva in 25 Years

In twenty-five years, I will have outlived both of my uncles.

I will have lost my accent by then.

I will have gotten out of this town and will do something that means something to me. Like art. I would like to just be able to draw and draw and draw as much as I want. But I want a family, too. I would be a good father, because I already am kind of like one to Carolina and she’s only my sister.

I would like to be married to someone. Like Elizabeth Jones. Somebody that I can just be with and not have to wonder if they will stick around.

I would also maybe like to be a police person so that what happened to Carolina will never ever happen to anyone else again.

P.S. Thank you for the card and flowers, Mrs. Bishop. I translated it for her (Carolina) and she liked it very much.

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