Shhh! Just Watch.

“Gabe, what the hell are we doing?” I whisper furiously, both relieved and sad to be leaving Jane’s side. Gabe climbs into the car and slams the door as I pull away from the curb. “Won’t this look a bit weird that I just showed up and left Jane there to stand with Austin? I mean, talk about conspicuous!”
“Shhh!” he says. “Just watch them.”
Following his advice, I see Jane and Austin standing awkwardly together, glancing around. Austin appears to ask Jane a question, which she answers curtly, still looking away. He looks a little pissed off at her answer, and he turns to face her more directly. He speaks aggressively, pointing back at his house. She turns and shouts at him, pointing back to my car. I look over and see Gabe holding his breath, staring intently. “Gabe,” I say. He shushes me. I speak anyway. “What are you getting out of this? You don’t know what they’re saying!” He motions back to them anxiously. I look back just in time to see Jane slap Austin across the face. I gasp. She’s heading our way.

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