“What are we going to do about them?” the Forest King asked.

“We need to destroy them, before they cut any trees down!” Rokan said.

Rokan was the leader of the centaur clan that lived in the forest. His top half was tan and muscular, while his bottom half was the color of a chestnut. His beard was long enough to get caught in his chest hair.

“We can’t kill them! They may want to cut our forest down, but they are still living creatures!” protested Florea, nymph and leader of the fey that resided in the forest.

“Are we supposed to listen to the fey?! They love the humans! They treat them like playthings!” Rokan yelled.

“And we’re supposed to listen to a stupid horse?” Florea countered.

They started yelling at each other. The Forest King sighed. This happened at every meeting. He struck his antlers against an elm tree, making a loud CRACK. Rokan and Florea stopped yelling and looked at him.

“What do the dryads say?” he started to ask, but he was interrupted by the sound of trees falling.

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