Cy walked across the room to the empty seat behind Mandy and sat down.

“Hey, Cyril!” Mandy whispered, grinning wickedly.

Cy groaned. “God, I wish he hadn’t said that…”

“You can’t win with Grable, Cy, don’t sweat it.” Mandy smiled at Cy and then turned back around.

“So, you know this kid?” whispered Neal as Grable started around the room to check homework.

“Yeah, he’s my cousin, dipshit. We have the same last name?”

“Oh, right.” Neal laughed. “I got it. I’m Neal.”

“Hey.” Cy raised his hand in a quick greeting. For some reason he seemed like he didn’t want to talk- but that didn’t phase Neal, who just plunged into a conversation with Lindsay Graham sitting in front of him.

The class dragged on, and when the bell rang, Cy wandered to Mandy’s locker with her. “I don’t have a locker yet, or books, or anything!” he laughed. “All I’ve got is a schedule.” Cy pulled out the small paper and Mandy grabbed it, scanning his classes.

His next class was AP Biology- a two period long class that Beck also had.

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