Silent Walls

“This wall has been wiped.” Slain said suddenly, withdrawing his hand.

“You mean someone’s tampered with it?” the clerk inquired, taking a step closer to inspect for himself.

Slain turned to face him before replying, “That’s what it tells me.” He paused. “Are you sure that no one’s been here?”

The clerk stepped back, puzzled. “Positive. You can check the feed-”

“No need,” Slain cut in, “Those feeds are far too easily tampered with. Anyone with a scanner can do it. But this…”


Slain ignored the clerk and continued around the room, checking each wall in turn. After disconnecting from the fourth wall, and even checking the ceiling, he continued on to check each object in the room. With every read, his countenance grew more sober.

“It’s no good. Everything in here has been wiped.” Slain stepped back from the shelf he was inspecting. “Even the fucking toaster!”

The clerk stepped back, surprised. “What’s wrong? What does this mean?”

“It means that I’m not the only one who can talk to walls.”

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