Confirmation is a Wonderful Thing

Mandy realized that Beck was about to spend close to two hours in the same room with her crush. She knew she had to warn Cy, if only to make it a little bit easier for Beck.

“Cy?” she said, cutting through Cy’s ramble about how weird it was that Grable’s classroom had had orange walls and how at his old school all the walls were green, which come to think of it was weird too-

“Yeah?” Cy replied, snapping out of it.

“Um, ok, so, you know Beck?”

Cy grinned. “Yeah, I know Beck. You know that I know her.”

“I know. Well, she’s got your next class with you-”

“Really?” Cy cut her off. “That’s great!”

“Yes, well, here’s the thing. Beck kind of…likes you.”

“I like her too.” said Cy frankly.

“No, I mean LIKE likes you.”

“I LIKE like her, too.”

Mandy gaped. “Really? You’re sure?”

Cy stroked his imaginary beard in mock puzzlement. “Lemme think about it…yeah, I’m sure.”

“Oh! Well, that improves the situation quite a bit…”

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