“How so?” asked Cy. “Also, shouldn’t we get to class?” He indicated the nearly-empty hallway around them.

“OH, yeah, come on. My math class is right next door to Bio.” Mandy and Cy set off.

“The thing is,” Mandy continued as they walked, “Beck gets really nervous around boys, especially ones she likes.”

“I know,” said Cy, “I met her at your party last Thursday, remember?”

“See, I don’t know what you did there, because she had a wonderful time and you had her talking and laughing and being normal-”

“I was just nice, I guess.”

“Well, be nice today, too- she’s really nervous, she worried all week about whether to call you or not.”

Cy laughed. “Tell her not to worry. It would be great to hear from her, but if she’s nervous then there’s certainly no deadline or anything.”

Just as Mandy was grinning at the memory of Beck using that exact word to describe the situation, the bell blared into her ear and she quickly shoved Cy into his classroom and darted across the hall to hers.

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