God High

Ah Aphrodite, the nymph who knows no equal. A beauty of untold depth. She’s more than a little over-hyped if you ask me. She’s not that pretty. She’s got a great body but other than that? Well let’s just say there’s a reason her depth is untold.

Let me back up a little. My name is God. I know what you’re thinking but I’m not that God. No, I’m the God whose name really is God. The God you’re thinking of is known as God because he told you guys he didn’t want you to use his real name so Lucy Ferguson his wife wouldn’t find out that he hadn’t actually retired. That plan didn’t work out well. Archangel Michael got a little sauced on the ambrosia one night and blabbed it out that he had just gotten a two testament contract with him. Lucy was not happy about that. In fact she made him put their son in the second one even though he’d dropped out of High School.

Yes, High School. We Gods have it too. It’s pretty much the same as yours we just don’t age.

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