Survivor's Lament (Part Trois)

In case you don’t know the definition of insanity it’s us. This Motley Crue of survivors. No I didn’t misspell crew, part of our group were the members of Motley Crue the band. Yup Vince, Tommy, Nikki, and Mick were all here.

Despite what many might think the life of a rockstar is apparently the perfect preparation for the zombie apocalypse. Their prolific drug use actually seems to kill the virus and keep them human. Their never ending sex has endowed them with surprising stamina and reflexes. Their drinking and carousing has given them a deadly proficiency with Molotov cocktails. They even managed to survive with their roadies and all their equipment.

And quite frankly roadies are something everyone needs in a zombie apocalypse. I’m telling you there is no military in the world who can match the precision and communication of a good team of roadies. Add in an accountant, two lawyers, a librarian, the sobbing girl and me a stuntwoman and you have yourselves quite a group.

Quite a fucking group.

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