No More Taradiddle

“Hold on, Austin? That guy over there called Shay a slut?” I ask furiously. No way would Austin do that.

“I don’t talk taradiddle. He called Shay a slut,” Jane glances at Shay, who’s looking at me. I can’t believe this. No way am I letting Austin get away with this.

“I’m going to tell him off,” I say angrily. I begin to walk to the other side without Shay’s approbation, I know the last thing she wants is me talking to Austin. I walk to his door and knock hard. A few seconds later, Austin opens the door.

“Gabe? I thought you left,” Austin says surprised.

“Wow, you really did it this time. What’s wrong with you Austin? Doing something so flagitious as calling Shay a slut?!” The words are coming out before I think.

“Gabe, it’s not what you think, really. I would never do something that would hurt you like that,” Austin’s voice sounds sincere. I’m not buying in just yet.

“There you go again! Stop, please. Stop with the heart to hearts, Austin,” I turn around to walk away, but Austin stops me.

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