Thoughts - They Drown (Part 2)

Pains, heartache – Can’t change the past -
This counterfeit happiness just won’t last.

Spinning in circles, making me nauseous -
Not letting you hold me – I need to be cautious.

I try to run, as fast as light -
They close in faster, blinding bright.

Thoughts are poisonous to the soul -
Stronger than I – Beyond my control.

Consumed in weakness – never gone -
So, yet again, I’m withdrawn.

Now I collapse – Desperate and lonely -
When I forsook you, my one and my only.

Never again will I make this mistake –
As I lie here – Forever awake.

Distress and sorrow -
Will be my tomorrow.

Never again will I let you in -
These towering walls that I let you within.

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