In the Heat of the Diet

Well they say that on one side there’s Liberty and Tyranny on the other. Angels and Demons the lot of us. Right Next Door to one another for all this flying Under the Radar. Say are you going to eat anything you look starved?

I am but I’ve already had Three Cups of Tea and that cream has way too many calories for me to eat anything right now.

Knowing your culinary skills you could Cook Yourself Thin in a week or two.

If only the courts hadn’t forced me into a fire safety course when I nearly burned down The Shack I call a home last time I might try that. The Last Lecture nearly killed me. I swear if I had it my way I’d be happy to never see food again in my life it’s just too much trouble. Master Your Metabolism that’s My Stroke of Insight.

In Defense of Food The Scarecrow look has been out for some time now. Excuses Begone! It was never attractive in the first place. You just gotta Eat, Pray, Love.

Your just too good to me Jack.

I Am My Sisters Keeper. What can I say?

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