Mandy covered her ears and groaned. “Please, Melinda, calm down…it’s not a GOOD thing…”

“Are you kidding?” Melinda squalled. “It’s NEAL ROWAN, how could it not be a good thing?”

“What about Neal Rowan?” Cy slid into the seat beside Melinda. “Is he that douche from APUSH?”
“Yeah, and he held my hand in the hallway.” replied Mandy dully. “Melinda here thinks it’s a good thing.”

“Well, I don’t.” stated Cy with conviction, biting down on a french fry. “He sounded like a player.”

“Oh, he is!” agreed Melinda fervently. “He definitely is!” Mandy looked at her strangely, wondering at this sudden change of opinion. Then she noticed the way Melinda was gazing dreamily at Cy as he scarfed his hot dog and realized what was going on.

Oh, great… she thought. That’s JUST what I need right now…

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