“In fact,” continuted Melinda, still staring at Cy, “He only dumped Erin Tipton yesterday at the basketball game!”

“Oh, really…” Mandy said, raising her eyebrow. Things were not looking good for Neal, she decided.

“Oh really what?” giggled Beck as she waltzed into the cafeteria, positively glowing at the sight of Cy at her table. She plopped down next to Mandy and shot her a grin so wide that Mandy regretted having to tell her the less pleasant details of the day.

“Well, Neal Rowan held my hand in the hallway before English-”

“What?” Beck’s mouth dropped open. “Seriously?”

“Yep.” Mandy stole one of Cy’s french fries and stuffed it in her mouth, ashamed.

“Ew!” Beck leaned back in her seat and fixed a disgusted look on her face. “Just…EW!”

Cy laughed. “I see you share my opinion of him,” he told her, smiling.

“He’s a douche,” replied Beck frankly, “and I don’t want him anywhere near my Mandy.”

“Oh, totally,” interjected Melinda in a desperate attempt to put Cy’s focus back on her.

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