Professional Courtesy

He entered the train station, his eyes scanning the crowd of people. With a business suit, he looked like any of the other people going to work. His gaze stopped on a man. Slender. Red hair. This was definitely the man from the photograph. His stare remained fixed on the man as he reached into his pocket. He began withdrawing his pistol when he froze in place.

Beside the man, stood a woman and a young girl with the same red hair. He restored the pistol to its pocket. The man kissed the woman, before exchanging words with the girl, too distant to be heard. The woman lifted the girl in her arms and boarded the train. They waved to the man on the platform as the doors closed and train disembarked.

He watched the man wave as the train receded into the distance. The moment the train vanished from sight, he removed the pistol from his pocket, pulled the trigger, and dropped the weapon. As the body slumped to the ground and people screamed, he retreated back into the crowd. Just another person returning from work.

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