They sat at the kitchen table, silence looming over their heads.

“So,” he said.

“So,” she replied, pushing her eggs around her plate.

Bryan pushed his plate aside, brushing Sarah’s hair out of her eyes. “We’d better head out soon — your flight’s in a couple of hours.”

She looked down at her plate. The yolk had broken, yellow-orange oozing under the tines of her fork. “I don’t want to go.” She looked up at him. “I mean, I know I have to, but still.”

He smiled. “It was a good two weeks, wasn’t it?” Hesitating, he continued: “We promised that this was all it would be, though — just this, and then we could go back to our lives.”

“Yeah, I could never leave Mark,” she said, sweeping her bangs back over her eyes, trying to hide her lie from him.

“Even if you did, I would understand if you found someone else, though, someone who lived closer to you,” he said.

I wouldn’t, she thought to herself as she reached out and touched Bryan’s hand.

“Me, too,” Sarah whispered, smiling. “Me, too.”

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