The Calling Woods

I glanced over my shoulder at my father struggling to get the luggage off the car. Now’s my chance. I shifted my eyes back to beckoning forest.

My feet flew over the brown frostbitten grass to the leafless trees stretching up to the sky. Out of nowhere a ditch opens it mouth in front of me I steamed on at it taking it challenge. I as I came closer I broke in to a sprint leaping out into the air above the muddy ditch reaching for the other side and made it.

I stopped to look around at the trees, I was certainly in the woods but I didn’t notice the trees closing in behind me, or the moon beginning to rise. No matter which way I looked a wall of trees stood locking me in.

“It’s hard to go back when you don’t know where you came from,” I spun in circles trying to get a feel for where I was but that just made me more confused, “Um, I think I remember seeing mushrooms on the way here.” If only I had noticed that in the forest there were mushrooms everywhere.

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