Welcome To FiclyNation

“Welcome to FiclyNation!” Lone Writer laughed madly.

He looked her over sympathetically. The Ficlets Deprivation had taken its toll. Her traditional cowboy treads were in treacherous condition and her hands trembled as if a story was trying to force its way out of her.

“Ahh, Lone Writer. I’ve been expecting you.”

Other survivors and veterans from the great Battle of Ficletdom emerged from the shadows.
“I thought this day would never come.” Elsha’s voice cracked. The Deprivation had gotten to her too. It was seen in the restless movement in her eyes and the way she walked without purpose.

The Grand Awesome Marshall himself appeared, wrinkled, coffee stained and battered but not broken. He had held the Ficlets flag without wavering at Ficlet’s Last Stand.
The others were there too, Ana, Jason, Melia, Tom, R_M, and Owen.

Kevin smiled at what was his disheveled community. “Friends, will you join the sacred Ficly Order of the Beta Testers?”

A sparkle of hope glimmered in each writer’s eye.

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