Finally Some Truth

“Jane took it the wrong way. I was angry at her, because, well. We were making out at a party…”

“No kidding,”

“I did it because… she told me that she needed to try something out. So did I. We needed to be sure of something. She found me attractive and vice versa,”

“What did you need to figure out?” Austin shifts his weight and breathes deeply.

“Jane confided in me…”

“Well, I’m not telling anybody,” I promise, although, it didn’t sound like it.

“Jane kind of thought she liked a girl. The girl didn’t seem to show any interest back, so she needed to see if the feeling would go away. It didn’t,”

“What about for you? What did you need to figure out?” I feel really nosy, but Austin is in a frangible state and this may be the only time I can get any truth out of him. He loses eye contact with me and looks around.

“There is this one that seemed to never pay me any mind. But I talked to him and we were friends, I guess, but I needed to step up. And I did, but I got scared,”

“Who is this guy?”


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