Adorable Soul

“Mmmm” The girl hummed: half song, half pleasure and stretched out across the sofa. Her slight form barely taking up any room.

The others turned from their game and laughed, enjoying her happiness. “Sleepy?” Mark enquired, knocking over his piece absently, eyes only on her.

“Always” She replied, grinning at him from her reclined position. Cora shook out her dark, messy hair and leant up on her elbows. “You know how it is, staying out all night, wild parties. That kinda thing.”

He snorted in reply “Sure, like you go anywhere.”

“Hey, I have fun.” She sat up now, lips pouting just enough.

“Now, did I say you didn’t? We have fun.” He sat next to her, game forgotten, pulling her into a hug. Delicate hands held tightly, her frame warm through the thin fabric then without warning, he stood with her. Her grip went rigid; she didn’t like to be picked up. She hated feeling helpless, far above her own height.

Placing her on the floor, Mark leant down and kissed the top of her head before turning back to the game.

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