Love Triangle

Tim began walking down the hallway constructing a plan. The note had been an utter failure and if that happened again the next girl might not be as understanding.

“God bless Cynthia.” he thought as he tossed his lucky quarter

Tim’s next period was uneventful, but Cynthia’s definetly wasn’t. She was making a plan to get Tim. Cynthia leaned back at her desk deep in thought.

“If Tim could only see I was so much more worth it than Stacey.” she thought “Then he’d never look her way again.”

A satisfied smirk crossed her face.

“That definetly would be the day.”

In another classroom another girl was also thinking about Tim. It was Stacey.

“How could he be so crude!” Stacey angrily muttered “As soon as he hits a bump with one girl he just jumps to the next!?”

Stacey picked up her pencil and began to take notes.

“To think I used to like him! No wonder I never noticed him before!” she thought

Stacey’s thought’s began to drift back to her time with Tim at the park.

“He can’t be that heartless, can he?”

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